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How can your license be suspended related to an Alabama DUI charge?

There are two ways that your driver’s license can be suspended if you are charged with a Birmingham, Alabama DUI. The first way that your license can be suspended is based on an administrative action by the Alabama Department of Public Safety. The process is you are stopped for DUI and ultimately arrested and your license is confiscated from you. The officer then fills out what is known an AST–60 form. The officer provides you with a copy and then sends the notarized copy and your license to the Alabama Department of Public Safety within a

Many people are under the impression that they do not need to do anything because the AST-60 operates as their driver’s license until their case is heard in court. This is not true and this administrative action must be stopped or your license will go into a suspended status no matter when your court date is on the 46th day after your arrest.

The two ways that your license can be administratively suspended are if you submit to the Draeger breath test and your result is 0.08 or greater or the second way is if you refuse to submit to the breath test.

The other way that your license can be suspended as it relates to an Alabama DUI charge is if you are ultimately convicted of DUI. There are many different criteria that your attorney must look at when determining how long a suspension may be in place based on a conviction.

must look at when determining how long a suspension may be in place based on a conviction.

These include whether your license was suspended administratively on the front end based on a breath test result or a refusal and also if not, what your breath test results were. Your attorney must also evaluate exactly what the number of prior alcohol contacts are for you. This can oftentimes be a complicated process and one that you need an experienced attorney to handle The bottom line is this – in every single DUI case that we handle our goal is to fight the administrative suspension on the front end and to do everything within our power to prevent a DUI conviction from appearing on your record on the back end. This is the goal and we have developed a process and a system that has been very effective in achieving this goal for most of Call us today to discuss your Alabama DUI charge and to discuss your Birmingham, Alabama driver’s license law issues concerning your administrative action and the consequences of a conviction for DUI.