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DUI suspect charged after police make unusual discovery

The investigation of a December crash involving DUI leads to an unusual discovery by police in York County. Southwestern Regional Police say that Christopher Scheller, 19, apparently lost control of his vehicle while traveling on Old Hanover Road near Pine Drive in Heidelberg Township. Scheller’s vehicle slid off the roadway and struck a tree. Scheller was taken to York Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. The investigating officer found evidence that the Scheller may be intoxicated and went to York Hospital to meet with him.. When medical staff performed a medical x-ray of Scheller, they found “an abnormality” in his rectum. Scheller at first did not want the object removed- but eventually consented. Found in his rectum were a bag of synthetic marijuana, a socket for a wrench used for smoking, four bracelets, four necklaces, and 11 ladies rings.

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