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Guy Charged with Drunk Driving 4 Times in 30 Hours, Once in a Dump Truck

If ever there was a DUI story that made you shake your head in wonder, this is the one. It involves 53-year-old John Lourenco who was cited for alleged drunk driving 4 times in just 30 hours. It’s bad enough to be pulled over once, but four times? How does that even happen?


According to the Providence Journal, it all started one Sunday morning when Rhode Island resident Lourenco crashed his Dodge truck into an SUV. A 4-year-old and 6-year-old riding in the back seat of the SUV were taken to the hospital and later released. Lourenco was also taken to the hospital where he was restrained after throwing urine at the hospital staff and was given a summons for driving under the influence.

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