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Josh Brent Sentenced 10 Years Probation for DWI Death of Jerry Brown Jr.

A jury deliberated and finally came back with a verdict for Josh Brent on Friday. The former Dallas Cowboy was sentenced with 10 years probation for the DWI crash that killed his best friend and teammate, Jerry Brown Jr. Brent did not escape jail and will be mandated to serve 180 days within the prison walls and pay a $10,000 fine.


Earlier this week, the same jury panel convicted Brent of the 2012 accident. Brent had been drinking and Brown Jr. was in the passenger seat of the car. The high speed accident resulted in a rollover that took the life of Brown Jr. in December. The pair had left a Dallas club where many players from the team had been partying. Originally, Brent may had faced 20 years in prison.

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