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Sober Driver Tanya Weyker Arrested By Cop Who Hit Her, Drunk Driving Charges Ruin Her Life

For more than a year, Tanya Weyker has attempted to clear her name after being plowed into by police deputy Joseph Quiles. Even though the accident left the 24-year-old college student with four broken neck bones, the cop blamed the woman for the incident and had her arrested for drunk driving.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Weyker explained why the cop claimed she was not sober when driving. The official police report claimed Weyker’s speech was slurred, she had a light odor of alcohol, and her eyes were red and glassy. But the woman has a spine fused with steel rods as the result of a childhood cancer treatment and the accident left her so badly injured that she was unable to complete a breathalyzer test.

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